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Ogilvie Civil and Mining's services are broad with clientele including primary producers, small landowners, land developers, councils, mining businesses and civil construction companies.  OCM have previous experience working in environmentally and culturally sensitive areas.   OCM has the ability to conduct specialised projects, and welcomes the opportunity to problem solve with clients for the right solution.

Heavy earthmoving:

  • construction of roads, dams, drains, channel work,
    bunds, storage basins

  • construction of seawalls and revetments

  • earthworks for sub-divisions (including survey work)

  • construction site earthworks

  • cane field and agricultural developments

  • slashing services

  • wet/dry hire of equipment

Environmental services:

  • processing (mulching) of bulk timber and green waste (including stumps and pallet waste) - more information below

  • clearing, grubbing, and raking

  • land contouring for erosion control

  • topsoil replacement


Machine servicing:

  • heavy earthmoving equipment servicing and repairs

  • mobile diesel fitter / workshop


  • float and pilot hire



Ogilvie Civil and Mining's fleet of earthmoving and associated heavy equipment is extensive, well maintained and ready for your next project.  Ogilvie Civil and Mining also offer equipment on a dry hire basis which is another option for many businesses.


OCM's fleet of equipment includes:


  • Excavators

  • Scrapers (elevating, twin power and open bowl)

  • Graders

  • Bull dozers

  • Wheeled loaders

  • Compactors

  • Dump trucks



  • Prime movers (including quad dog / floats)

  • Water carts

  • Enclosed tub grinder mulcher (more info below)

  • Screening plants

  • Trailers

  • Mobile workshop

  • Support vehicles

  • Camp / office accommodation buildings

Specialised service - bulk material processing

Working with clientele including councils, developers and mining companies, Environmental Engineering Solutions are the people to call for timber waste processing.  Based in Nebo (Qld), Environmental Engineering Solutions are able to easily mobilise anywhere throughout the state of Queensland, as well as other states if required.


All staff are fully trained and competent operators who are fully inducted in the company's safety management system and will undergo any site inductions required prior to operation of equipment.

Mulching / grinding


OCM specialises in bulk timber processing such as tree/green waste, pallet waste and tyre waste.  All material processed is turned into a usable product, ensuring it can be reused elsewhere in the community.  The specialist equipment can be easily mobilised to any work site and the buisness can tailor services according to clientele's requirements.


OCM uses a totally enclosed horizontal feed tub grinder, capable of feeding material from either side of the mulcher.  The enclosed design eliminates airborne debris whilst in production.  With 1050 horsepower, OCM's horizontal tub feed grinder is capable of processing up to 95 tonnes per hour and material output sizes are tailored according to clients specified requirements.  Cartage/transportation of the end product is another service also performed by the business.


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